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Weight Loss Can Help Your Joints

There are many reasons to maintain a healthy weight. What you might not know is that shedding extra pounds is good for your joints.

"Extra weight puts extra pressure on the joints, and it can put you at risk for developing osteoarthritis," said Holly Wolters, PA-C with Orthopedic Associates of SW Ohio. "For people who are already prone to arthritis, maintaining a healthy weight can slow the progression of the disease and keep it from becoming more severe."

When walking, the force of a person’s body weight is multiplied four times at the knee, according to the Arthritis Foundation. That means that each additional pound a person carries can make a big difference.

"Generally speaking, we worry about the increased risk of complications, both in the short term and the long term," said Holly. "If the body is in an unhealthy state during a knee replacement surgery, it may cause infection and blood clots. In the long-term, we worry about the extra stress in the knee preventing the implant from lasting as long as it should."

If a patient's health is a concern going in to a knee replacement surgery, we encourage them to lose weight beforehand, and to maintain a healthy weight after the surgery as well," Holly explained. "Our goal is to get them the best possible outcome so that if they need a new knee, it will last them a long time."

Holly Wolters is a physician assistant at Orthopedic Associates of SW Ohio group. We have offices throughout the Miami Valley region to provide convenient, high quality orthopedic care to the community.

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